In the heart of desperate America, where the Great Depression cast its long, dark shadow and Prohibition fueled lawlessness, a sinister force emerges
A man so evil that people dub him ‘Cattivo’. With an iron grip, he declare himself the de facto ruler of this forsaken realm, leaving terror in his wake.
Welcome to Cattivo’s Hell’s Kitchen, a place of despair and chaos, where corpses litter the rat-infested streets, and hope has all but vanished. As the world around Cattivo descends into madness, the ruthless gangster comes to discover what may be for him the closest thing to love…
With the scorching summer intensifying, and Cattivo’s depravity reaching unparalleled limits, the city pleads for a hero. What befalls on it is unthinkable carnage. Is there any hope at all for Hell’s Kitchen? The prolific author, Frank Roselli, blurs the boundaries between good and evil again in this dystopian thriller, a must-read.

The Portal

Experience the captivating trilogy of novellas in this thrilling collection
In ‘The Portal’, each story, seemingly standalone, is interconnected with the other in bizarre ways. Taking place in different time periods, ranging from the Wild West Era in ‘The Gambler’s Hell’ to modern times in ‘Lucifer’s Brothel’ back to ancient world 13,000 years ago in ‘Alien Gods’.
In ‘The Gambler’s Hell’, we meet a ruthless gambler Jack Dalton, cheating his way through life, until he finds himself suffering inside his own personal hell fit for a gambler. ‘Lucifer’s Brothel’ finds a wealthy cowboy Mason Rogers turn an ancient skull-faced stone into a brothel to capture proof of alien life. Finally, ‘Alien Gods’ takes us back to the earliest civilizations who migrated from Asia to the New World, where one brave warrior named Zhanshi battles the sky gods. Don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure!
Don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure!

Trinity's Terror

Trinity’s terror is a horrifying tale of a beautiful young emo chick who moves into an old apartment far from home and everything she knew, to attend nursing school and work on her horror novel in her spare time with hopes of becoming a famous author someday. 

Soon, Trinity is visited by a handsome and charismatic man in her dreams. The dreams quickly escalate into erotic steamy sexual encounters, and soon, he is all Trinity can think about. Trinity eventually discovers she is dealing with something other-worldly and terrifying. 
Will the incubus lustful for Trinity paralyze her under its control, or will she escape?

The Tattoo Collector

The edgy horror author travels transcendent worlds to birth the wildest of stories, bludgeoning them on paper… His latest novel ‘The Tattoo Collector’ is a one-of-a-kind gory serial killer thriller to get your heart racing

Vinny Cafaro and his wife Talia appear to be living the American dream. Young, wealthy and blessed with incredible looks, they were both famous models with a mansion on the beach and fancy cars, but things aren’t always as they seem.

Vinny, the alpha male, had a bit of a temper and could be abusive at times. Behind closed doors, things aren’t always so glamorous and when karma finally comes for Vinny in the cruelest way, ending his career, ruining his marriage and essentially destroying his world, there are no depths of depravity the angry model won’t explore, including slicing the ink from other people to cover his disfigured body.

But not even wearing the flesh of others could satisfy his need for revenge against the world, and soon Vinny will become what nightmares are made of… Read the journey of this heart-throb turned serial killer in this vicious serial killer novel.

Renee Falls

Renee Falls follows the life of a young gifted artist, Simon Fletcher, obsessed with a beautiful blonde girl occupying most of the space in his mind. The only trouble is that she only exists in his imagination. And no matter how hard he tries, Simon can never bring her to life. Scrawny with four eyes, the sexually deprived virgin desperately wants to break free of his overbearing religious parents who were kind, but extremely controlling.

One day, a gorgeous hippie girl moves in next door. And she is the mirror image of the girl he had been dreaming about. She also seemed rebellious, unattached to the strict restraints of Catholicism. Learning she was named after his hometown, Simon was convinced it was fate that brought them together.

It isn’t long before he becomes obsessed with Renee, stalking her to the point he can’t even control his sexual urges, causing him to kill her in cold blood. Still aroused by her pretty corpse, Simon begins sleeping with the dead body, all while preserving her in the family deep freeze, as if it was some sort of a fancy ice coffin. Promising vengeance from beyond the grave with her dying breath, Simon soon finds himself being violently haunted by the ghost of his precious victim.


Grace is a tragic tale about a normal girl who was born with a rare blood disease, causing her to bleed and injure herself easily. Her pale white skin makes it difficult to spend time out in the sunlight, which always ends up burning her. Growing up in the state of Vermont, she has a strange calling to the wilderness around her. Life is a constant struggle full of pain and misery, that is until she turns into a vampire, erasing all her scars and weaknesses. Finally she goes onto explore the world, and eventually befriends a fierce wolf. Together, they feed on poachers in order to protect the animals around them. It turns into a fun adventure. Until Grace returns to the world of man and falls in love.
Will she remain in the wilderness with her animals or return to the world of man?

The Devil’s Daughters

The Devil’s Daughters is the story of two sisters who were born in the late 1800s. These Siamese twins, Agatha and Greta Winters are very intelligent for their age. But they suffer from large tumors that cover their entire body. Their family being the wealthiest in town, the girls grow up in a large mansion. Their mother, Patricia, is kind and loving, but their father is a coldblooded alcoholic, abusing his daughters any chance he gets. He locks them away in the attic because of their appearance, and chains them to the floor. The dark fairytale is a constant struggle for them as their mother tries her best to keep them from becoming monsters like their father, who, on the other hand, wants to destroy any chance they have for a normal life.
Will they ever defeat their tyrant father and escape their imprisonment? Or will they be stuck forever in that dark attic?

About the Author

Frank Roselli discovered that he was a writer when he was just 8 years old. His teachers would always read his stories in front of the class. Frank enjoyed writing because it allowed him to be someone else and experience adventure strictly and vividly in his mind.

One day Frank would love to have his stories on the big screen. That would be his ultimate achievement, the dream of all dreams. There’s nothing like watching a scary movie on a stormy night – it’s one of his favorite things to do. Aside from writing novels and short stories, Frank also loves writing poetry and has some of them coming out in the future.

Although he prefers horror and sci-fi, Frank wants to release books in different genres… so all beware.